Track of the day: TVRQUOISE – Liar and the Fighter

“A group of friends, including the person I was pretty much hopelessly in love with, jumped the fence to the neighborhood pool. I jumped in the pool and waited for him to follow — he never did. To an outsider, it seemed like a meaningless, passing moment, but within that moment I realized how symbolic this scenario was of our entire relationship,” – One half of TVRQUOISE, Faye Wellman, explains the inspiration behind .’Liar and the Fighter’.

TVRQUOISE are the dreamy-pop sounds of LA based duo Faye Wellmen and Matt Hogan who met whilst studying at Berklee College of Music, Boston.

Their self-titled EP, which explores themes of subconscious thoughts surrounding a captive relationship and the struggle between wanderlust and seeking lasting human connection, is out 14 October.

Track of the Day: Loamlands – Little River

For fans of Sharon Van Etten, Hayley Bonar and The War On Drugs; Loamlands are the southern folk-rock group led by LGBT advocate Kym Register.

Written as an ode to North Carolina pride, which Kym informs was “born out of the protests and riots following the shocking murder of two gay men on their way to a swimming hole in Durham”, Little River is something of a reminder of the importance of acceptance and basic humanity in a time where it appears to be getting lost and abused.

Loamlands is stark departure from her earlier fuck-the-system and arguably stubborn musical roots and sees her embrace certain influences she would have once refused:

“When Loamlands began, I wanted to break out of the folk-punk cocoon that I had spun around myself for eight years. The only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to write thoughtfully. I was on the cusp of something new, but I wasn’t quite there yet. I rarely plugged in. I was terrified by the idea of writing a song that revolved around something other than a feeling. I had internal guilt around loving the major label classic rock and country music my parents listened to. I never imagined wanting to croon like Loretta Lynn or play the perfect guitar lead — because “punk”, because “fringe”, because “queer”. I slowly started to accept my own influences. I fell in love again with Stevie Nicks and Bonnie Raitt and Kim Deal. And then I got them all tattooed on my arm, never to forget the power-houses that I grew up on, that saved my life.”

Loamlands EP “Sweet High Rise” is out 25 October.



Track of the Day: Sunshine & The Blue Moon – Sunshine and Lucy

 Sunshine & The Blue Moon want you to feel all the nostalgic love on new track ‘Sunshine and Lucy’.

Speaking off the Mac DeMarco channelling, wavey-psyche tune they explain: “When it comes to how love is created, I don’t mind any which way, I’m just happy to have experienced, or at least to have witnessed it. I wanted to try to capture that with a warm music video shot on film, giving the impression of a long lost burgeoning romance captured on warm film, maybe found in a dusty box, on a dusty shelf somewhere, to be viewed with a smile, as a reminder, a vignette of the very thing that drives us.”

Sunshine & The Blue Moon’s debut album ‘Welcome To The Future’ is out now via The Hand Recordings.

Track of the Day: Jadu Heart – Late Night

Signed to Mura Masa’s Anchor Point Records after a chance meeting in Peckham, Judu Heart is the production and songwriting partnership of Dina and Furo. Taking the natural funky rhythms of Foals laced and combining it with a trip-hop sound, Juda Heart latest EP ‘Ezra’s Garden’ was created over 3 months in the French countryside.

Jadu Heart embark on a European tour supporting Mura Masa in September, but not before they play their second ever headline show on the 22nd Sept at  London’s Bermondsly Social Club.

Track of the Day- The Regrettes – A Living Human Girl

I challenge you not to be charmed by the brazen bubblegum punk sound of LA rockers The Regrettes.

Speaking about “A Living Human Girl” and her ability to convey such a widespread subject of anxiety and vulnerability Lydia Night – frontwoman of The Regrettes, alongside Genessa Gariano on guitar, Sage Nicole on bass and drummer Maxx Morando- explains:

““There are times when you feel really insecure and you really don’t like yourself, so I wrote it for people who feel that and I wrote it for myself. I just felt like there wasn’t a song like that out there. A song that if I was feeling super shitty about myself, that I could listen to. I wanted something that would make girls and boys feel confident.”


Track of the Day: Maria Usbeck – Jungla Inquieta

Maria Usbeck spent three years travelling the globe writing and recording music in Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Lisbon, Santiago, Easter Island, Costa Rica and her home in Brooklyn, New York to name but a few. The songs, initially recorded and composed electronically, would eventually be transformed into the naturally beautiful and gentle worldy-soundscapes you hear on ‘Jungla Inquieta’ with the help of producer Caroline Polachek and a whole host of acoustic wooden instruments.

Sung in her native tongue of Spanish out of a desire to get back to her Ecuadorian roots (she was born in Quito), Usbeck’s music is not only a product of her South American origins but also of her time spent living in American having moved at the age of 17 – and her eventual decision to reaffirm herself with her cultural heritage by writing in Spanish having spent several years writing songs in English-speaking new wave band Selebrities.

Her solo debut album Amparo will be released May 27.